Youth Area

Lostock Youth Panel

In 2009 seven young people who have worked closely with the LCP set up the Lostock Youth Force Forum. The panel consists of young people who will work together to help secure a brighter future for Lostock.

We began by organising a late Christmas party for older residents of Lostock in January 09. We played games, served tea and looked after the guests. Everyone had a good time. We followed this with a second party in August. The young people decorated the Lostock Youth Club and hired a DJ. The residents thoroughly enjoyed themsleves, being waited on being able to chat to each other, some who haven't spoken in years. These were followed up by more intergenerational work and the Youth Panel and some older residents went on a bowling trip and a meal at the Trafford Centre. The Youth Panel have also decided to organise a shoe box appeal for the British Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, working with local people and companies such as Wates builders who are working in the area. We hope to not only help those closest to home, but also those representing our Country.

However, the panels main aim is to secure Youth provisions in the area. The local youth club has been well used for many years and brings all young people together, however it is in a desolate state and risks being knocked down, the Youth Panel wish to meet with local Counsellors and agencies to secure a new youth club and increase the resources available to young people and the wider community.